Nature: Krčedinska ada

Krčedinska ada

Krčedinska ada is a river island located on the left bank of the Danube, opposite the village of Krčedin. It is a very important part of the Special Nature Reserve “Koviljsko-Petrovaradinski rit” and is one of the most important river islands in the Danube region. With a shoreline about 10 km long and covering an area of ​​almost 9 km, it belongs to the group of the largest Danube islands from the confluence of the Drava to the confluence of the Tisza into the Danube. Ada is a habitat of many rare species of plants and animals, a significant fish hatchery and has long been known for its numerous herds of horses, Podolian cattle, donkeys and sheep that graze on it.

Owing to the traditional use of natural resources and the efforts of the local population to graze cattle on Krčedinska ada, wet habitats suitable for spawning and fish farming have been preserved, which also serve as the nutritional basis of all animals in this part of the Danube. On the north side, the island is surrounded by the Gardinovci Distributary (Gardinovački rukavac), which leads to the entire network of other distributaries and ponds, all of which significantly contribute to the attractiveness of the area and improve the experience of the visit. As such, Krčedinska ada is a real paradise for lovers of nature, ecology and photo safaris.


SNR “Koviljsko-Petrovaradinski rit” is the largest preserved marsh complex, which is located in the entire flood zone of the Danube, in its middle course through Serbia. The reserve consists of two separate wholes connected by the course of the Danube River. Petrovaradinski rit forms a smaller part of the Reserve and is located along the right bank of the Danube, while a much larger part of the Reserve, which is located along the left bank of the Danube, consists of Koviljski rit, which is connected to Krčedinska ada and a part of Gardinovački rit.

SNR “Koviljsko-Petrovaradinski rit” covers 5895.3097 ha.
1st level of the protection regime is established on 375.7706 ha (6%)
2nd level II of the protection regime covers 1670.5449 ha (28%)
3rd level III of the protection regime covers 3849.4875 ha (66%).

International status:

– IBA (Important Bird Areas) – an internationally important area for birds
– ICPDR – SNR “Koviljsko-petrovaradinski rit” was included in the list of protected areas dependent on water and important for the Danube basin in 2004
– IPA (Important Plant Areas) – an internationally important botanical area
– NETWORK OF PROTECTED AREAS ON THE DANUBE (Network of Protected Areas along the Danube River)
– In 2007, it was included in the Network of Protected Areas along the Danube River
– RAMSAR AREA – included in the List of Wetland Areas of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention.

The main value:

– Preservation and diversity of original orographic and hydrographic forms of wetlands, such as: river islands, of which Krčedinska ada is the largest and most important, old water distributaries, i.e. Dunavci, meanders, shallower and deeper depressions and ponds, as well as formations created by erosive and accumulative processes – preservation of ecosystem diversity characteristic of floodplains of large lowland rivers: wetland forests of English oak, ash and elm, black and white poplar forests, white willow forests, wet meadows, communities of cat grass, white and yellow water lilies, water chestnut, etc.

– Diversity and wealth of flora: 443 taxa, authenticity is indicated by strictly protected and protected species, rare and endangered such as: danthonia, sweet flag, floating fern, water clover, lindernia, bladderwort, water violet, white and yellow water lily, water chestnut and 37 species of nationally and internationally protected species – natural fish hatchery.

Text taken from the Provincial Institute for Nature Protection.