What to see

What to see

Visit Indjija, one of the most developed and most prosperous municipalities in Serbia that thanks to its rapid progress has grown into a modern urban center. Walk through the pedestrian zone and enjoy the ambient of citizen architecture that dates back from the end of the 19th century, in the shades of hundred-year-old linden trees. Have a pleasant time and relax in the lovely and hospitable atmosphere of numerous cafes and make new friends.

Don’t miss joys of the River Danube bank, its interesting armlets and sandy beaches. Picturesque settlements located on the bank give you an opportunity to have fun, entertain yourself and taste delicious food. Known Krcedinska Isle and unspoiled nature of the Danube’s armlets are good reasons to visit Krcedin. Numerous restaurants have made Beska into an attractive place for all those who love to enjoy superb fish specialties and beautiful natural ambient. The settlement Cortanovci is a famous summer destination located on Danube bank within the National Park Fruska Gora, especially recommended to lovers of sport and recreation. Camping, hiking, bicycle and boat riding, swimming, hunting and fishing are just some of the activities that these settlements can offer you.

The Tourist organization recommends sightseeing of Stari Slankamen from the river, with visiting the River Tisa mouth where by the legend remains of Attila the Hun were berried. After lunch in one of the exquisite fish restaurants in the ambient of tamburitza orchestras, enjoy the interesting scenery of this unusual Srem’s village by walking through its serpentine allocated streets. Get to know rich and vivid history of this the oldest settlement in the Municipality of Indjija by visiting archeological site Gradina and its remains from the prehistoric age, remains of roman Empire Acumincum, remains of medieval fortress and St Nikola’s church, the oldest church in Srem region.

Get to know the tradition of this area by visiting farms (salasi) in the Municipality of Indjija. Whether you choose “Salas Stojsic” in Beska or “Ethno house” in Maradik, you will enjoy the traditional cuisine, authentic Vojvodina’s ambient and its charm.

Your stay in the Municipality of Indjija, you can also enrich by visiting nearby tourist attractions: monasteries of Fruska Gora, National Park Fruska Gora, Sremski Karlovci and a bit further Petrovaradin fortress, Novi Sad and Belgrade.