About the Municipality

About the Municipality

The Municipality of Indjija is located in the north part of Serbia, in Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. It is situated in the Srem region, on the southern slopes of Fruska Gora Mountain, half way between Belgrade and Novi Sad – on the place where the two most important European corridors intersect: Corridor 10 (highway E-75) and Corridor 7 (the River Danube).

The city of Indjija is located at 45º03’ north latitude and 20º05’ east longitude, at 113 m above sea level. The municipality’s relief is characterized by slopes of Fruska Gora Mountain in the north part and fertile plain in the south part of the territory. The region has a moderate continental climate. The coldest month is January with average temperature of -1ºC, and the warmest are July and August with average temperature of 22ºC.

The Municipality of Indjija covers an area of 384 km² and consists of 11 settlements: Indjija, Beska, Novi Slankamen, Novi Karlovci, Krcedin, Cortanovci, Maradik, Ljukovo, Stari Slankamen, Jarkovci and Slankamenacki Vinogradi. The municipality has a population of 50 000 and it is multinational.

Numerous cultural and historical monuments dating from the pre historic period up to today are the testimony of Indjija’s rich past. The remains of the Roman Empire fortresses in Stari Slankamen and Cortanovci, a medieval castle in Stari Slankamen and the monument of the Slankamen’s battle show the strategic importance of this area on the River Danube which, throughout the history, has always represented a border between different empires.

Today, Municipality of Indjija is one of the most developed municipalities in Serbia. The dominant economy branches are agriculture, industry, small and medium enterprises (production and service craftsmanship), trade and tourism.