Hunting and fishing


The part of Fruška Gora, which is mostly forested, the wide floodplain of the Danube, with numerous marshes and distributaries, parts of the hilly and plain terrain, represent good conditions for the development of hunting tourism in the municipality of Inđija.

The banks of the Danube and the surrounding forests are a natural habitat for large populations of wild boar and roe deer, and the river with its distributaries, ponds and vast floodplains is a habitat for wild ducks, wild geese and many other wetland birds, while the rest of the hunting area is inhabited by pheasants and wild rabbits. 

All the necessary information regarding hunting can be obtained from the Hunting Association of Serbia and local hunting associations.


The waters of the municipality of Inđija provide extremely good conditions for fishing, primarily due to the fact that the Danube River flows through its territory in the length of 27 km.

Sport fishing is organized so that all types of fish that live here can be caught throughout the year, except during the close season for certain species, according to the fishing calendar.

Fishing requires a permit that can be obtained from local fishing associations (annual) or on-site from a game keeper (daily).

All the necessary information about fishing can be obtained from local associations of sport fishermen, from local fishermen or in restaurants located on the banks of the Danube.