Krčedin is a settlement in the municipality of Inđija, located on the slopes of Fruška Gora near the bank of the Danube and it is extremely appealing to tourists. North of the settlement itself, on the right bank of the Danube, a settlement was formed, which consists of about 2,000 cottages. Right next to the bank there are several sandy hills with beautiful beaches with excellent conditions for swimming.

In the Celtic era, there was a settlement on the site of Krčedin that looked like a fortification. The first settlement was located northwest of today’s Krčedin in the area of ​​Kalakača. The name Krčedin in translation means a stone building or a stone fortification. The only inscription from the 2nd century AD was found in this area in the 1960s.

During the Turkish rule, there was a village in the same place as today. Krčedin was under Turkish rule for about 100 years and during that time it had a special status, because it was on the road between Belgrade and Buda and the status was granted by the Sultan with his firmans. Afterwards, the village was under the rule of the Habsburg Monarchy until the end of the First World War. Since it was located in the Military Frontier, all the inhabitants were soldiers – frontier guards. The Frontier Guard Building, which is today a library, dates from this period.

The left bank of the Danube, overgrown with Canadian poplar forests, with the spacious Island of Krčedin (Krčedinska ada), numerous distributaries and ponds, is a true paradise for lovers of nature, ecology, hunting, fishing and photo safaris. The Island of Krčedin, with a 10 km long coast and an area of ​​almost nine square kilometers, belongs to the group of the largest Danube islands from the mouth of the Drava to the mouth of the Tisza into the Danube. It is separated from the land by the Gardinovački Rukavac (Gardinovci Distributary, a.k.a. Dunavac), which leads to the entire network of other distributaries and ponds.

The island is a true oasis of the animal world – it is home to horses, cattle, donkeys, pigs, numerous species of birds, from black storks to white-tailed eagles etc. Although these horses, donkeys, mangulicas, are seemingly left to fend for themselves, they are cared for by marsh cattle breeders from the surrounding villages of Kovilj, Gardinovci, Krčedin, Beška. The cattle breeders transfer the cattle to the Island of Krčedin by ferry, and when the water level rises and there is a danger of flooding, they transfer them back to the houses. All of them know exactly the owner of each stallion, mare and foal.

The best time to visit the Island of Krčedin is from May to September.