Trails of history

Trails of history

History Around Us

Serbian Nobel Laureate Ivo Andrić once said: “Only ignorant and unreasonable people think that the past is dead and forever separated from the present by an impassable wall. On the contrary, the truth is that everything man used to think, feel and do is inextricably woven into what we think, feel and do today.”

That is why the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Inđija, in a short guide “Trails of History”, tried to present, in an interesting way, immovable cultural heritage and those that enjoy the status of protection by the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments.

That history is all around us is shown by the fact that on the territory of the municipality of Inđija there are a total of 28 immovable cultural properties – cultural monuments, spatial cultural-historical entities, archaeological sites and sights. Of that number, one building has the status of a Cultural Heritage of Exceptional Importance, 11 are cultural monuments, three archaeological sites and one sight.

Such an imprint of centuries of history is easily noticeable in the municipality of Inđija. Very old and different cultures have flowed through its territory, so it will be interesting for every tourist to hear the story and see historic monuments significant for both Serbian and world history.

The list of cultural properties of the municipality of Inđija covers a wide period of time, from Celtic settlements, through Roman rule, the period of medieval Serbia, incredible events that took place on its territory from the 17th century until the turbulent 20th century.

We present the list of Immovable Cultural Properties of the Municipality of Inđija in order and classification, as registered with the Institute for the Protection of Monuments in Sremska Mitrovica.

Enjoy the tour of the municipality of Inđija!

Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Inđija